Stuff I Can Stand Part 3: Kitchen Supplies

Mitch and I love to cook together, so I was over the moon at all the amazing kitchen stuff my friends and family got me for my bridal shower (though my tiny, cramped kitchen may beg to differ!)

Here are the things I’ve been using a lot and enjoying the heck out of:

  • 18-inch cast iron skillet (Lodge Brand). If something is going in the oven, chances are it’s going in the cast iron skillet. This thing is heavy duty, but worth the lift, because not only does it provide an iron boost to food (something I need) but it also goes from stovetop to oven.
  • Programmable Crock Pot. I love coming home to a slow-cooked meal, especially after a long day when I’m in no mood to cook. This one can be programmed for however long you need, then it automatically switches to the “keep warm” setting. Game. Changer. (And no more over-done chili!)
  • All Clad pots and pans. My mom splurged on these for us, and they are so great. They take a bit longer to heat up compared to other pots and pans, but once they do, they hold the heat evenly and nicely. Plus, these things are here to stay, as it put them in the will kind of durability.
  • Braun Immersion blender. I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and Vitamix, but they’re just so big and clunky. The immersion blender is much easier to plug in and use for blending soups in the pot (because I’m the kind of gal who thinks the fewer dirty dishes, the better). It’s also perfect for a quick morning smoothie or home made mayo right out of a wide-mouth mason jar. Again, when you blend the stuff in the container it’ll be stored in, that’s fewer dishes to be done!

Ugly and Proud! (and Delicious)

I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this review. This is pure excitement for fruits and veggies! 

I fell prey to an Instagram ad.

I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago, and saw an ad pop up in my feed about this new brand called Misfits Market. The ad was simple, direct and featured a cross-legged carrot. I was intrigued, so clicked to learn more. And then, they caught me (and I’m not even mad).

Misfits Market is a new business based in the Philadelphia area that collects organic produce from the area that wouldn’t have made the cut in the supermarket. Think twisty carrots, ugly carrots and apples that ~gasp~ might have a bruise or dent. So, instead of wasting the produce, Misfits Market sells it. It’s a home-delivery service that will ship you 12-15 pounds of local, organic produce for about $20.  What. a. deal. (and your girl loves a good deal!)

I was so excited when my first box came! There was a TON of fruits and vegetables– apples, avocados, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, pears (the most delicious pears ever), onions and more. The kicker? None if it was really that ugly. None of it was gross or unusable. The pears seemed to be perfect. The carrots did not have a typical supermarket taper to them, but were really fresh and delicious. The broccoli was slightly smaller than your run-of-the mill broccoli.

The food was awesome, too! I used most of the veggies in a soup I made with home made bone broth. I ate a pear basically right out of the box, and had one the next few days at work. The only downside is that they don’t tell you exactly what will be in the box, so if you’re super type-A and love to plan out all your meals to a T, this might not be for you. Also, they use all recyclable/compostable packaging, which is awesome. However, I did find some of the faux-plastic bags that the veggies came in to have a bit of an odd smell. But once I took them out and tossed them in the fridge, the smell didn’t linger at all.

But overall, I love love love the service, and would highly recommend it to anyone in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware area!

If you’re interested in trying it, you can get $5 off your first box (which brings the already affordable price down even lower!) when you use this link

Stuff I Can Stand Part 2: Early Fall Favorites

Labor day has passed, the temperature has finally dipped below the 90s, and to me, that means its fall. Now I’m ushering in my favorite season with a list of some new favorites. Let me know what you think!

Fall manicure. Doing my own nails works best with my budget and crazy schedule, but I do try to use a gel-like polish so that it lasts longer. I’m currently wearing Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in the color “Cabernet with Bae” (LOL) and it’s my first fall color of the season. At the time I’m writing this, I’ve already been wearing it for five days, and it only has one small chip in it. Not too shabby for a DIY!

“Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanflippo. This book was another early wedding gift, and you guys, I. am. Loving. It. It’s so much more than just a cookbook. In fact, the first couple hundred (yeah, I said hundred) pages are informational, discussing different health conditions and the foods that fit them best, meal plans, how to chop and onion and so much more. All the information is really digestible (no pun intended… OK… pun intended), and the book is easy to flip through. Think of it as a combination between “It Starts With Food” and the “Nom Nom Paleo” cookbook. I’m definitely excited to cook my way through this book, so keep a lookout on my blog/Instagram as I do!

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Tea Bags. While the fall is typically when I switch to hot drinks all day every day (2,000 cups of tea, anyone?) I received a really nice glass pitcher as an early wedding gift, which was perfect to try out Trader Joe’s cold brew. Making it was crazy easy (fill up the pitcher with cold water, put in two huge coffee bags, put it in the fridge and go to sleep) and to coffee turned out delicious! I’m a fan of cold brew, as it’s not so acidic as iced or hot coffee. Even my fiance, Mitch, the coffee aficionado, approved!

The Well-Fed Women Podcast. I have about a 35-minute drive to work each day, so the hour-ish that I spend in my car is the perfect amount of time to listen to a full episode of Well-Fed Women. The podcast is hosted by two awesome ladies, Noelle Tarr and Stefani Ruper, who are extremely knowledgeable in nutrition, exercise and overall wellness, who take a really down-to-earth approach at eating well. Particularly, they’ll often go against the grain and tout the benefits of eating healthy carbs (yes carbs!) in the midst of what seems like an endless world of fad low-carb diets. In each episode, they answer questions for listeners who write in, and are never judgemental. Well-Fed Women definitely makes my morning commute a bit less miserable.

Stuff I Can Stand: Part 1

IMG_0183It’s my first-ever “stuff I can stand” post (AKA random stuff Brielle enjoys maybe a little too much). Here are four products that I have really been loving over the past couple of weeks!

Natural Calm: This is probably the most popular magnesium supplement on the market, and for good reason. I first tried it a couple of years ago when I was traveling to Spain for work and was really anxious about it. I took a packet with me and sipped on it in the airport, and I’m not sure if it was the placebo effect or what, but I felt a thousand times calmer after drinking it. Now I drink a spoonful of it in water with lemon (or sometimes with collagen, lemon and grated ginger, yum!) about an hour before bed, and it definitely helps me sleep better!

Everything But Bagel Seasoning: You could put this stuff on a slab of concrete and I’d eat it. Well not actually… but Trader Joe’s EBB seasoning takes EVERYTHING to the next level of deliciousness. My favorite ways of using it? On scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes, or topping of some avocado toast on Ezekiel briead (I know, how millennial of me!)

– “Don’ts for Husbands”: I got this little gem for my fiancé, Mitch, as a funny little stocking stuffer for Christmas. In true 1913 fashion, it is pretty sexist with its tips. “Don’t let your wife become merely a domestic machine. If she doesnt want to broaden her horizon, see that you do it for her.” I obviously don’t agree with these quips (nor do I need Mitch to broaden my horizons for me thankyouverymuch) but reading these ridiculous things make me so thankful to be living in 2018… and earning my own paycheck!

– Great Lakes Collagen: I know that there are some other, more popular (and expensive) collagen products out there. I got this from Trader Joe’s for $9.99 and just purchased my second container of it. I’ve been using it once or twice a day (usually a scoop or two in my morning coffee) with the helps that it will help the joint pain in my left ankle. The pain has been OK for the past few weeks, but it is too soon to tell if I’m just at the bottom of an inflammation cycle or if it’s the collagen. But I can tell you one thing: my hair is growing like crazy! The collagen is colorless and tasteless, so it’s really easy to mix into basically anything. I recommend trying it out — your hair may thank you!