Stuff I Can Stand Part 3: Kitchen Supplies

Mitch and I love to cook together, so I was over the moon at all the amazing kitchen stuff my friends and family got me for my bridal shower (though my tiny, cramped kitchen may beg to differ!)

Here are the things I’ve been using a lot and enjoying the heck out of:

  • 18-inch cast iron skillet (Lodge Brand). If something is going in the oven, chances are it’s going in the cast iron skillet. This thing is heavy duty, but worth the lift, because not only does it provide an iron boost to food (something I need) but it also goes from stovetop to oven.
  • Programmable Crock Pot. I love coming home to a slow-cooked meal, especially after a long day when I’m in no mood to cook. This one can be programmed for however long you need, then it automatically switches to the “keep warm” setting. Game. Changer. (And no more over-done chili!)
  • All Clad pots and pans. My mom splurged on these for us, and they are so great. They take a bit longer to heat up compared to other pots and pans, but once they do, they hold the heat evenly and nicely. Plus, these things are here to stay, as it put them in the will kind of durability.
  • Braun Immersion blender. I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and Vitamix, but they’re just so big and clunky. The immersion blender is much easier to plug in and use for blending soups in the pot (because I’m the kind of gal who thinks the fewer dirty dishes, the better). It’s also perfect for a quick morning smoothie or home made mayo right out of a wide-mouth mason jar. Again, when you blend the stuff in the container it’ll be stored in, that’s fewer dishes to be done!

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