Thrive Market: Is It Worth It?

I’m still listening to the Well-Fed Women podcast almost every single day on my drive to work, and one of their long-standing sponsors is Thrive Market, which is basically a healthy food (and more) delivery service that requires a $60 membership fee. It’s obviously convenient to have stuff shipped to your doorstep instead of going out to the supermarket and that apparently there are tons of discounts you get on Thrive that you would not get in the grocery store.

I’ve considered joining (especially since I love a good subscription box), but am still on the fence. Now I’m considering asking for it as a Christmas gift from someone. I would love to hear people’s real and totally honest feedback. Particularly:

  • How eco-friendly/wasteful is their packaging?
  • Do you really save $60+ a year?
  • Does it really cut down on the number of trips to the grocery store/time spent in the grocery store? Admittedly, I actually like going to the supermarket, but sometimes, there’s just no time in my crazy schedule.
  • Would having a Thrive market membership be kind of pointless since I live near a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and have a Costco membership?

Again, I’d love to hear people’s honest feedback, whether you love (or hate, or feel indifferent about) Thrive Market. Thanks!


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