A Challenge to Get Out in the Cold

Things are getting pretty frigid pretty quick where I live, and, unfortunately, that means much less time spent outside in the sun. Not only can sunlight boost people’s moods, but it is also a crucial component in human’s vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin D is hugely important for bone health, among other things, and I’m all for anything that will get and keep me strong. Not to mention, a short, mid-day walk around my office complex might just help me through the afternoon.

In addition to loving all things health-promoting in general, I also love a good challenge to keep me on track with my goals. So, starting December 1, I’m challenging myself to get at least 120 minutes per week of sunshine. This more than likely will require some bundling up (unless we’re thrown some weather-related curveballs, which I wouldn’t doubt in NJ!), but will be a great excuse to get outside, de-stress and get some vitamin D!

I’ll be posting updates here, on my blog, as well on instagram: I_Can_Stand_This

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