Slow-WOD Sundays

Mitch asked me to come to the gym with him this morning and workout before he had a personal training client come in. I had no kind of plans today, besides maybe packing up some lunches for the week ahead, so I tagged along.

The only issue was that I wasn’t particularly in the mood to work out. So I hopped on the assault bike for a slower-than-molasses kilometer, hoping I’d think of a workout enticing enough to get me motivated to break a sweat. But nothing came. My ankle had been feeling a bit twingey the past few days, so I knew whatever I did had to be low impact.

So, I pulled out a sled and started pulling it across the turf, again, with no sense of urgency. But instead of doing a million reps with a million pounds as fast as humanly possible, I focused more on core engagement and even pulls. I then moseyed on over to the kettlebells and dumbbells and did some Turkish get ups, increasing in weight, while taking plenty of time to rock out to some old bluesy rock music between each. Then came mobility — lots of it.

Many people might call this an active rest day. Others might not call it any kind of on day at all. Could I have went harder, faster, heavier? Yeah, probably. But honestly, there was something super relaxing and reliving about doing what I did or did not feel like doing, with absolutely no pressure attached.

Perhaps this can roll over into other parts of my life that I commonly stress about. Messy house? Clean the kitchen and leave the rest for tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll just do one dish, which is still more productive than leaving the whole pile untouched.

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