I’m Back (and Married!)

I’m back! Things got crazy over the last month or so as my fiance (now husband!) and I were putting the final touches on our wedding, which was last weekend. If you ever planned a wedding — or know anyone who has — you know how meticulous and consuming it can get. Luckily, the day went amazingly well. We had a gorgeous sunny November day. Everyone looked great, and danced like crazy! The professional photos did not come in yet, but so far all the photos from friends and family are great, and I can’t wait until the photographer’s come in.

While Nov. 3 felt like a fairytale, there are some things that I wish I did differently on the day of and leading up to the event:

  1. Start earlier. We were engaged for almost 2 years, so for the longest time, it felt like I had forever to plan my wedding. Then life happened, and I got hurt, work got crazy for me and school got crazy for Mitch. The next thing you know, we were three months out with no clue what kind of flowers we wanted.
  2. Realize that booking the florist (and other vendors) is important, but the exact kind of flowers won’t make a huge difference. Many brides and grooms (myself included) get caught up in minor details like flowers and accessories and what not. Looking back, when I think of my wedding, my mind goes to marrying the guy of my dreams and dancing the night away, not how many flowers and candles were on each table (and truthfully, I still don’t know).
  3. Eat all the things at cocktail hour. I took cocktail hour as my time to talk to everyone and say hello, thank you, etc. I don’t regret that at all, but I now realize that nobody would care if the bride chatted it up with them while eating a pulled pork crostini (which I heard were amazing!)

Would I ever want to go through the stress of planning a wedding again? No, definitely not. But as for re-living the day, I would do it ten times over!

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