Trader Joe’s Fall Haul

There’s a Trader Joe’s on my way to work that I’ll often stop at just as it opens. (What, like you don’t stand outside the doors of TJ’s at 7:58 , anxiously awaiting its opening on a regular basis?)

As always, I first headed straight to the free sample of a cookie and mini coffee cup, and then grabbed all my usuals: Everything But the Bagel, organic frozen acai packets, etc. But then I noticed some new products … some new seasonal products. Nothing turns me into a corny ball of nostalgia and bliss like things that smell like pumpkin and apples and whatnot. So, I picked up a vanilla pumpkin candle (how could I not? It smelled great and was only $3.99) and pumpkin body butter. For my desk at work, I also picked up an actual pumpkin (seriously guys, I said that fall brings out the cheesy in me), though that was short-lived because it was dropped and got a crack in it and started to smell terrible. But to counter the gross smell that the pumpkin left on my hands, I also picked up a bottle of apple-scented hand soap.

Some other non-fall things I grabbed were:

  • Dried mango slices. While these have no added sugar, they do carry a hefty amount of sugar on their own. But they are so. freaking. good. So good that I definitely ate more than one serving that day at work, and so good that I probably should not add this to the list of things I pick up once a week on my TJ stops.
  • Jojoba Oil. I’m trying to transition into a cleaner, more simple skin care routine, so I decided to add this to my arsenal. I use a super small amount of this on my face after showering, and it feels so moisturizing, and is not heavy and oily like coconut oil. Though I do still use coconut oil on my face at night time when I’m feeling particularly dry.
  • Roasted, salted cashews. For my snack drawer at work, to prevent me from getting hangry at 3:00 p.m. and wandering over to the vending machine.

Ultimately, my trips to TJs include a little bit of everything. I’d love to hear other people’s favorite products!

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